Our Mission

The indispensable service to discover and hire Webby-honored digital and creative companies. That’s the fancy description. And we like it! But we think the inspiration - why we are doing this - matters too.

We know firsthand what it’s like to work with great partners: life changing. At the core of every Webby project we’ve ever been proud of has been our relationship with a partner.

Great partners make each other better, make the process fun, and most importantly, create the opportunity to make excellent work. You are here because, like us, you want to work with people that are not only as good as you, but make you better. You want to make work you can be proud of. We want to help you find the partner to do it.

Science + Art

We have judged more than 200K pieces of digital work over nearly 20 years. Just this year alone, we received more than 13K entries from 60 countries (a record!). We judge more digital work each year than any other organization on the planet.

Connecter uses the data from that judging process - which firms are the best, what they specialize in, where they are located - to help narrow down the list of Webby-honored firms to a handful that are right for you.

But Connecter is run by humans, and that's where the Art comes in.

The Webby team has visited nearly 1500 digital shops, design firms, and agencies in 25 cities globally. Paris. Stockholm. San Francisco. Tokyo. The list goes on. We not only know quantitatively which firms are good matches for you, we have a good sense of culture fit too. We’ve sat in their offices, met the teams, and had drinks in their local pubs.

How It Works

We’ll ask you for some key information about your project. Nothing too complex - what you’re making, what type of firm you think you’re looking for, and a few other key elements. Next we’ll ask you a bit about yourself and where you work. We will not share any of your personal info without asking you first.

Once you share the project info with us, Connecter gets started. We’ll be in touch over the new few days, honing our search, and eventually, sharing a few key shops we think will make a great partner for your project. When you give us the go ahead, we’ll make an introduction. Simple as that.

Connecter is currently in Beta.

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Discover and hire Webby-honored digital and creative companies A Webby Awards Service

Our Promise: Award Winning & Confidential

You are here because, like us, you know great work is borne from great partnerships: Romeo & Juliet, Simon & Garfunkel, Thelma & Louise.

Our pledge is simple. We are going to put you one step further down the path to making something great by Connecting you with Webby-honored organizations that make great work, and that we think will be a good fit for your project. And we are going to do this confidentially. We won’t share any sensitive information about you or your company until you give us permission to do so.

Cut & Paste

What do you need?

We are looking for a
to work on a
that will require some extra savvy
It is super important that we work with a shop that
Working with a shop nearby
Most people over here would probably dig

Ballpark Budget

Launch Date

What do you need?

Tell us about your project

Tell us about your perfect partner

Who's the perfect duo

Bacon & Eggs

Who are you?

Hi, my name is . I'm the over at We are a focused on . My email is and my phone number is .
*We will never share this information until you give us the thumbs up

Who are you?

Tell us about yourself

Tell us about your company

How can we contact you?

Rock & Roll

Let’s see if we’re on the same page.

You’re , the of . Your company focuses on . You need a to work on a project that will require some savvy expertise. It is super important that you work with a shop that . Working with a shop nearby . You would like to complete this project in about .

We can reach out to you at , and your phone number is .

And we're done!

Next steps for us:

We’ll follow up shortly by email with a tailored group of Webby-honored companies that are a perfect fit for your project. We will be in touch should we need any additional information for our search!

Next steps for you:

Don’t know how to write an “RFP” (Request for Proposal)? - Check out these helpful guides!

Put together 5-10 visual references for potential creative partners. Our Webby Winners gallery is a great place to start.